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Asano - Episode 5Asano - Episode 5
Omega Red has Logan captured in his tentacles but he manages to get out of em. Their fight moves...
Omega Red - Episode 4Omega Red - Episode 4
Omega Red is pisssssssed at Logan for nearly killing him. He got some help from Madripoor and he..
KiKyo - Episode 3KiKyo - Episode 3
Wolverine faces of Kikyo and they're pretty evenly matched. But still they both manage to land one
Yukio - Episode 2Yukio - Episode 2
This week in Wolverine. Thanks to that drug pumped in him, Wolverine passes out before he can land..
Mariko - Episode 1Mariko - Episode 1
Logan is having a nice date with a lady called Mariko but of course that gets cut short when...



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